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Marketing is the lifeblood of every organisation, big or small. From identifying opportunities and generating insights to developing products and services to meet the needs of customers and communicating value inside and outside the organisation, the marketing function is crucial in today’s global economy.

In this two-year programme, you’ll gain the practical skills and knowledge required at junior executive level and be ready for further study.

Subjects include marketing, behavioural science, business finance, communications, information technology, business and society, sales management, web design, marketing practice, management accounting, media communications, and marketing.

On graduation, you’ll be equipped to progress to ordinary and honours degree programmes at TU Dublin.

Further Study
If you reach the appropriate level in your final examinations and meet subject prerequisites, you may continue to Year 2/3 of the following:
TU912 Business Analytics (Honours)
TU924 E-Commerce in Retailing (Honours)
TU904 Business & Law (Honours)
TU922 Marketing (Honours)
TU925 Retail & Services Management (Honours)
TU914 Business Computing (Honours)
TU907 Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Honours)
TU903 Business & Management (Honours)
TU910 Accounting & Finance (Honours)
TU906 Human Resource Management (Honours)

There’s a range of attractive career opportunities at junior executive level in the expanding marketing profession, in areas such as

  • Market Research
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Sales Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Merchandising

Semester 1

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Statistics
  • Behavioural Science
  • Introduction to Business Finance
  • Essentials of Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Business and Society

Semester 2 Options: Choose one

  • Sales Management
  • Web Design

Semester 1

  • Marketing Practice
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Microeconomics
  • Management Accounting for Marketing
  • Media Communications

Semester 1 Options: Choose one:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management of ICT

Semester 2

  • Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Research Applications
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Communications

Semester 2 Options: Choose one:

  • Search Marketing
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
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