Logistics Associate / Comhlach Lóistíochta

The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship provides academic Education and practical training across the Freight, Logistics, Shipping and Distribution industries. Apprentices enter a contact of 2 years duration, where they will work with an Employer and spent one day a week with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) or Cork Institute of Technology (CIT)  for their academic studies. Completion of this programme will lead to a Level 6 Award on the National Framework of Qualifications. For Apprentices, this programme is the perfect entry point into the Freight, Logistics, Shipping and Distribution industries, with broad exposure allowing persons to make a decision about their desired career direction upon completion. For Employers, this initiative is an opportunity to recruit fresh and enthusiastic talent into your organisation, with the academic training provided to assist your businesses operations needs and lead to professionally qualified staff.

The course content is available at www.laa.ie.

Apply at www.laa.ie

TU Code



NFQ Level 6


Level 6 Higher Certificate in Logistics

Awarding Body

TU Dublin


2 Years, 4 days per week on-the-job, 1 day per week in TU Dublin Aungier Street

Course Type



City Centre: Aungier Street

Fees (EU)

€1,000 per Term


Registrations open all year

Commencement Date


Collaborating Provider(s)

Freight Transport Association of Ireland

Contact Us

Declan Allen, School of Management