Aircraft Mechanic / Meicneoir Aerárthaí

This apprenticeship consists of four on-the-job phases with an approved employer and three off-the-job phases in an educational organisation. Apprentices will be invited to attend their off-the-job training phases in accordance with the SOLAS scheduling system. Whilst every effort is made to eliminate unnecessary travel for apprentices it may be necessary for apprentices to attend educational organisations that are not convenient to their locality. This apprenticeship is deemed to be complete when an apprentice has successfully completed all on-the-job and off-the-job phases of their apprenticeship, which is a minimum of four years in duration from the date of registration. See brochure for further information. Please note for entry to this apprenticeship applicants are required to undergo a SOLAS-approved colour vision test.

TU Code



NFQ Level 6


QQI Level 6 Advanced Certificate Craft – Aircraft Mechanics. / EASA Cat B1/Cat B2 Aircraft License

Awarding Body



35 Weeks, Phase 4

Course Type

Craft Apprenticeship


City Centre: Bolton Street

Fees (EU)

Approx. €3,000 per Annum


Registrations open all year

Commencement Date

Intakes in May for Phase 2B, in September for Phase 4

Contact Us

Mark Deegan, Head of Apprenticeships