TU Dublin Product Design Students Win Engineers Without Borders 2020

29 Jun, 2020

Four Product Design students at TU Dublin have won “Where There Is No Engineer – Designing for Community Resilience” competition.

The winning team, Brian Richards, Eimear Moore, Liam Cotter and Sean Flanagan, beat off stiff competition from student teams from other Higher Educational Institutes, including NCAD and Trinity with their product -  the Flyco Black Soldier Fly farm.

Currently, in  Zambia, there are nutritional deficiencies all across the country and the main diet consists of cereals such as maize on which Zambia has developed a reliance on which can lead to the country being more vulnerable to climate shocks. (Zambia Nutrition Profile - Global Nutrition Report, 2020)

The Flyco Black Soldier Fly farm uses easily attainable parts to create an efficient source of protein to be eaten by livestock and poultry while also producing a rich compost and fertilising spray for crops. The use of Black Soldier Fly Farm and the ability to replenish their stock makes the source of food a plentiful and renewable commodity which requires very little maintenance and thrives off failed crops, expired meat and vegetables and faeces that are commonly found around the farm system. The Flyco Booklet is an educational tool kit used to inform farmers and others living in rural areas on how to grow, maintain and harvest the Black Soldier Larvae. The toolkit can be used to create a personalised Black Soldier Fly (BSF) farm using materials already available.

WTINE 2020 - Final Submission _ Flyco

The ‘Where There is no Engineer – Designing for Community Resilience’ design competition is a development education initiative funded by Irish Aid and coordinated jointly by the Development Technology in the Community Research Group at TU Dublin and Engineers Without Borders Ireland. More information about the competition is available here